Many publishers and authors wish that their PDF documents can be copy protected so as to ensure that only authorized parties get use or to see them. The same also applies to software creators. It seems the copy function is the Achilles heel which all digital contents seem to bear, particularly considering that to use such materials you have to make copies of them e.g read a PDF document it must first be copied onto the computer. Hence, the Copy Protection Software that is most suitable operates not by stopping duplicating but by ensuring that the file you desire to shield will not be usable unless the user has been authorized. In PDF doc protection, encryption functions to prevent a file from being usable. In this scenario a decryption key is needed in order for the file to be opened. The cryptographic details needed to decrypt the copy protected file, once obtained, can be transferred to other parties. The best copy protection software ensures that this really is not true by locking the cryptographic info to individual computers. Again, the encryption system used should be strong enough far the best is the AES 256 bit encryption system, and which is renowned and reputed because of its strength and can be used by the US government.

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The software should make use of DRM attributes/access controls to ensure that only the document owner can call the shots on what authorized users can do with the document once it is decrypted. Turning our focus to software/application protection, we see the same desire to prevent against unauthorized software duplication and distribution when, and for how long. We can have copy protection software that takes care of these issues but also manages time and subscription licensing -limited trials. The regular copy control technique which is used for programs is the introduction of dll or executable files comprising some replacement code. Yet, and likewise, a dummy file which mimics the replacement code may be used to circumvent the protection and hence leave the so -notion copy protected use naked to replicate for all and sundry. The greatest copy protection software for programs is one that will not use separate files but rather protection that’s incorporated to the program while simultaneously providing real time licensing control. It is this design that can empower the program owner to license buy software all the users. We also can elect to have the protection software incorporated to our ecommerce platforms such that once the copy protected application is paid for by the users their license codes are automatically sent over to them soon after. As it’ll allow you to control who can use your program and for how long as well as monitor individuals who’ve tried to register the product more than once this should provide a complete solution, and the IP addresses they used. Website Url: