Bodyparts The Body Guide (Second Edition) Buy Now Brand the parts of the human body I had been discussing with a pal last week when he fixed me difficult, that we thought that I’d reveal to you men. Most of us have a body and we how many diverse labels have you any idea for every the main body, although all understand the brands of the parts of the body? Ears = lugs where I come from. This got me to thinking, hubpages features a worldwide audience and in every place of the world people use various titles for distinct body parts, between us we’re able to create a detailed list of fun and funny brands for your parts of the body, if you abandon a review below please include where on the planet you are from and please keep from employing declare/cuss phrases for Exclusive parts. I have produce the pinnacle being started with by a couple of labels for body parts and operating down, I am sure you folks on the market could think of a couple of more. BRAIN fan, noggin, heid, skull. EYES = mince pies, goggles, best essays website een. Snout, nOSE neb, beak, snouzer, snot lender, snifter. MOUTH = gob, gub, yak package, chin flapper, mooth.

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TORSO = breasts, tits, chest, dumplings, melons, coconuts, udders, EMDS (Communicate milk delivery support). ABDOMEN = stomach, guts, abs, ANUS butt, hole, chocolate factory, bum, fanny. MANHOOD = prick, dick, bread, one-eyed pen, snake, dipstick, Johnson, pecker pocket-rocket. Pencil sharpener, catchers, vAGINA flower tube of love mitt clam bun front base. THIGHS = pins, pegs, (I really couldnot think about any longer) TOES = plates of beef, cheese designers, (I couldnot think of anymore) I am sure you men might perform a ton much better than I did so with the concern; lets trust the number expands and evolves have a great time, but please make an effort to preserve it clear. You can support supreme quality material is highlighted by the HubPages group by rating this article up or along. Useful34 – Funny 30 – write my research paper reviews 15 21 – Interesting9 Follow (1)Reviews 25 comments Goto remark that is last livelonger7 years ago from San Francisco I – can only put in a few: MIND: egg, NOSE: schnozz, TORSO: jugs, BUTT: bust, PENIS: dong, VAGINA: peesh (spelling?), THIGHS: gams (females only), FEET: boats jimmythejock7 years ago from Scotland Heart Writer Thanks livelonger, some additions that are good…jimmy Suzy7 years back Think about schlong or tallywhacker?

Human beings are a the main atmosphere and so are another living creatures.

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